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Box 5

Box 5

Mild Dementia

The DFM Dementia Carers Package is a comprehensive set of products designed to help caregivers of people with dementia. 

  • Motion sensor alarm
  • Brain Health Puzzle book
  • Apron
  • Crosswords to quieten the mind
  • Pencil tube
  • Little gift for little friend
  • Sudoku book
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  • Motion Sensor Alarm

    DFM Peace of Mind Alarm: Discreet Safety for Wanderers (Dementia Care & Home Security)

    Ensure the safety of your loved ones with the DFM Peace of Mind Alarm, a discreet motion sensor alarm designed for those with dementia and overall home security.

    • Early Warning System: Detects motion near doorways, windows, or other designated areas, triggering a gentle chime to alert caregivers or homeowners.
    • Multiple Alarm Options: Choose from a chime, siren, or voice message for customizable alerts based on your preference and situation.
    • Discreet Design: Blends seamlessly with most doorways and hallways, remaining unnoticed by the user while providing essential monitoring.
  • The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults: Crosswords, Sudoku, Cryptograms, Word Searches, and More

    Exercise your mind with the ultimate collection of brain activities.

    Keeping your brain healthy is just as important as taking care of your body. This book will help you keep your mind in tip-top shape.

  • DFM Apron

    DFM Apron: Protection for Everyday Activities (Dementia Caregivers & Light Housekeeping)

    Designed for comfort, functionality, and style!

    • Durable and Water-Resistant Fabric: Provides reliable protection from spills and splashes, ideal for light housekeeping, cooking, or messy hobbies.
    • Adjustable Neck Strap and Long Ties: Ensures a comfortable and customized fit for various body types.
    • Spacious Pocket: Keep essential tools and supplies close at hand, promoting organization and efficiency during tasks.
    • Machine Washable for Easy Care: Maintain a clean and fresh apron with effortless laundering
  • 150 Mindful Puzzles Crosswords to Quieten the Mind

    Puzzling is calming. Simply by doing it the mind is focussed and the body rewards success with a little endorphin hit. Enjoy the words of wisdom and fun facts contained with these feel good crosswords and reap twice the reward.