Dementia Book List 1


When it comes to books on dementia there is certainly no shortage of great content that covers the subject from most angles. from: understanding mild cognitive impairment (MCI), living with dementia, dementia health and fitness, the science of dementia and for various carers books.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, it's more a starting point. I recommend downloading a sample of some of these books which most good ebook sites allow. This way up can determine if it's what you're looking for prior to purchasing. 

The End of Alzheimer's, The First Programme to Prevent and Reverse the Cognitive Decline of Dementia by Dale Bredesen

The Memory Bible, An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young by Gary Small

Mind Your Brain, The Essential Australian Guide to Dementia by Kailas Roberts

What I Wish People Knew About Dementia, The Sunday Times Bestseller by Wendy Mitchell

A Loving Approach to Dementia Care: 3rd Edition, Making Meaningful Connections while Caregiving by Laura Wayman

Remember, The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting by Lisa Genova

Please let me know if you've read any other great books on dementia. I'll be happy to update the list.


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